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Group Travel
There are many advantages to group travel. You can use one deposit to cover the cost of travel for the group. The rest of the cost can then be paid over time. If you have more than eight people, you have a group. Why not call us and we give you more details. There could also be a group tour captain discount which always applies to a larger group of 17 or more people. Some airlines have group travel where each traveler take off from different city and they all arrive in the same destination. Call us for your unique situation. In fact we can even broker tour bus for you. Tell us where you going and how many are going, we will get you there in a classic style.

Destination Weddings
We also have experience in arranging destination weddings. We have done it in the Caribbean . Let us be your consultant. We will arrange it all. Perhaps it is an anniversary celebration, or congratulatory or graduation or even promotions, we can arrange it all. See our photo albums. 877-542-1212

We have the best published prices on our web sites. When you want to book many days in advance, you can call us and we will get you consolidated prices from our consolidators. These are special prices which our consolidator already arranged with the airlines. Either way, we have the price you need. Call us at

Yes we sell tickets for individuals and groups. You can book on our website pages and pay with your credit card. Just send us an e-mail that you have booked a ticket. We will like to follow up and send you a thank you note afterwards. Or, if you want to call us after checking prices, we will do the rest for you.

Car Rentals
If you use our website to book for car rentals, most company require you to have a master card. If you use your visa, the rental companies most of the time wants to run your credit report. Just be aware.

Bus Tour
We can arrange for you a bus to take you on a tour or to your embarkation destination, destination wedding group. Have your dates? Or number of people in your group? Call us or contact us at 877-542-1212. Leave a voice or text message.

Our booking engine have an expanse of hotels through many room brokers. Go ahead and book with us. Ensure you let us know by email that you book a room through our site if it is within 5 days of travel. We can even look up Expedia for you.

Your cabin is guarantee when you book in advance. Call us and we tell you more. You can go ahead and book your cabin. Prices are set a year in advance and there are specials run by the cruise companies.

Have fun on a solo vacation, family vacation or group cruise. Visit the cruise company of your choice and read about the greatest fun of a life time. Now come experience it with one of our cruise companies.

Call 877-542-1212 for your order.

Visit our affiliate pages. Have a question, we are ready to answer.

Last Minute Travel
When you have to go in a hurry and you are unable to book it on our booking engine/site, call us, e-mail us or even text to us and we will get you there in style. Remember to send us a text or e-mail whenever you book on our sites. It is a double guarantee that we aware of your travel and all is complete and secure.

Most of the airlines charge for luggage’s. It is good that you just assumed they will charge and so be ready to pay. Of course, if they do not charge, you have extra money in your pocket. No surprises, just call the airline or check on their website if you want to know before you go.

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